Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wow - it's been that long?

Told you I would be no good at this!

Here's the latest/greatest from the Neppl household in 2010 so far:

Chris turned 30 January 13th - no big party...he wanted it "unknown" that he now has entered a new chapter in his life -- The Dirty Thirties! :)

The end of January we purchased a split-level house to be moved out of Fargo & placed west of mom & dad's farm. It was moved February 1st (Happy Birthday to ME) -- but; remaining on beams, behind the machine shed, serving as a temporary shelter for the calves! We hope to start digging the basement as soon as we can.

February 13th I was able to stand by my Best Friend (Erica Smith) as she married the man of her dreams after years of waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting & waiting for the day to come! [Reason for my "waitings"; she waited 10 yrs, but he was worth it] Everything was awesome & so it starts up the wedding season for us. And what a season we have! As of May, we have one a month thru October. I have one more to be in, Chris has 2 & Kasen 1. Busy, busy...hoping to still fit construction in all those weekends too!

Keagan is still loving school. We are up to 5 teeth missing with more "on the loose" -- her smile resembles that of a jack-o-lantern. Stickers for teeth are HOT commodities at school, I think it's a conspiracy!! J/K. I'm hopeful that teeth poke thru this summer before school pictures roll around again. She's come so far & has become our little worry at the beginning of the year, but for what I wonder? She's doing great!

Kasen is STILL 2. We recently started working on "Potty-Training" -- again. Things are going good. Minus the fact that he's really good about telling us that he has to go except when it comes to #2 -- that's after the, Ick! He is a trooper though & likes his gumball reward. Other than that for him he's busy with his tractors & cows. He's excited for his own room decorated in John Deere (of course) He's been carrying around a printed picture of his bedding :) I got a steal on it! He is going to be one lucky little boy.

I have started the packing process. We are to be out the end of April so that my cousin who bought our place can move in May 1st. I don't like packing, not for overnights or trips let alone our house in which we've lived for 3+ years! If we could move straight into our house it would be much better, but we start with just our clothes & head back to our gracious rents: Mom & Dad :)

That's pretty much it in a nut-shell. I'll try to post more once "Project Neppl" begins, but I make no promises!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today's the day...

Today I jump on the blogging train...not 100% sold on the idea, but I will do my best! =) I will not make any promises that it will be maintained to the fullest so bare with me please.